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Lifestyle Changes The Key to Weight Loss| Weight loss program Calgary

Being over- weight is a serious health risk and has reached epidemic proportions in North America. Quick fix weight loss programs are everywhere. While many of them do work most people do not get long lasting results and end up bigger and fatter than ever down the road. Also, not much is known about the long term side effects many of these programs may have.

People spend millions of dollars annually on gym memberships, diet plans, magic beans, diet pills, miracle supplements and yet the populations dress and pant sizes continue to go up. Obviously, this is not the answer.

Lifestyle changes are the only way to effect permanent weight loss and body composition changes. Changing habits that have been a part of us for years is not easy. It takes approximately 3-4 weeks to break a bad habit and start a new healthy one. Consistency is the key to success when making life style changes. It doesn’t hurt to have someone in your corner keeping you on track. Find someone or something that can help you.

I believe The Ultimate Weight Loss Program in Calgary is the answer to this dilemma. This program is a healthy safe way to affect weight loss and increase fitness at the same time. There is nothing weird and wonderful about it, just sensible nutrition with a consistent training regime. A trainer will be with you every step of the program counseling you on food choices, portion control, calories, exercise intensity, frequency and type.

This 4 week program leaves you with no excuse to lose weight. The program includes: 6 days/week of healthy tasty lunches and dinners prepared by a professional chef couriered to your home or office, 3 one hour training sessions/week with a personal trainer, 2-3 more workouts/week in an ET class or a cardio workout designed by a trainer, 2 body composition tests (one at the beginning and one at the end of the 4 weeks) and 2 one hour nutritional consulting sessions.

Massage therapy and its benefits

Massage therapy is an excellent technique that is used to decrease pain, improve circulation and help  mobilize tissue. It is a diploma program that is performed in almost every area of the world including Calgary.

Massage therapy as an ancient medical technique that utilizes cross friction rubbing to alleviate pain and symptoms.A massage therapist will apply friction and pressure to the musculature and other soft tissues to break up scar tissue and tightness in muscles to relieve discomfort. There is many different techniques they might use, kneading, rocking, vibration, compression etc are just a few.

Typically when you see a massage therapist, the first thing that will happen is they will ask you what is bothering you and take a detailed history. They will then leave the room and allow you to remove your clothes (some people prefer to leave on there bra and underwear, it is your preference). They then return to the room and scan the body with your hands to search for what might be causing your discomfort and problem. They work in this area and associated areas to get rid of the pain, stiffness and tightness.

The amount of pressure that  the massage therapist uses depends on the person and the type of massage they are getting. Some prefer very deep pressure to break up the knots, whereas others prefer light gentle rubbing to increase relaxation. Both are effective depending on what the patient wants the outcome to be.